location 5825 SW 68th St Suite 2
Office 202, South Miami, FL 33143

phone Tel: (305) 662-1423

SMAC: South Miami Arts Cooperative

SMAC: South Miami Arts Cooperative

South Miami Arts Cooperative (SMAC) is an interactive series of multi-disciplinary intergenerational arts workshops taught by local practicing artists who will cultivate community strength by capitalizing on the rich heritage of the South Miami Community Redevelopment Area. The program combines the neighborhood’s historic African American legacy with the power of artistic expression and the strength of family. Through SMAC, participants become engaged in creating art to gain a better understanding of self, family and community.

Event Start From: December 1, 2019
End To: December 1, 2020
Venue: South Miami Community Redevelopment Area ,

A special thank you to our generous sponsors