location 5825 SW 68th St Suite 2
Office 202, South Miami, FL 33143

phone Tel: (305) 662-1423

ArtSouth Community Mural Experience

ArtSouth Community Mural Experience

Community Mural Experience in recognition of Earth Day and the South Miami Community Redevelopment Agency. ArtSouth students, Unconventional Corporation and the Dadeland Apple Store teamed up to design and create a mural masterpiece depicting SMCRA historical and neighborhood identity. The mural forevermore enhances the area in front of SMCRA offices which also houses ArtSouth and other community businesses that provide various services within SMCRA. The mural was designed by Unconventional artists and executed by their Managing Partner, Jordan B. Magid and ArtSouth Board Chair, Janis Klein. The mural focal point is their artist’s rendition of Marshall Williamson, surrounding by symbolic representations of SMCRA. ArtSouth was represented by several art students who participate regularly in service learning activities throughout the County. Apple Store provided the artistic labor by offering over 40 employees who not only familiarized themselves with SMCRA, but also were privileged to learn and participate in the historical significance of the mural project within the SMCRA.

Event Start From: April 30, 2017
End To: April 30, 2017
Timing: 08:00 AM To 01:00 PM
Venue: ArtSouth 5825 SW 68 Street Miami, Florida 33143

A special thank you to our generous sponsors